K Blick is an artist and graduate from Central Saint Martins, MA Fine Art. Originally from South Korea and now based in London, Blick has exhibited work internationally, including at the Florence Biennale, Tate Modern and Saatchi Gallery. Through her work, the artist explores allegories and mythologies around the trajectory of human existence to animals and nature, reinterpreting these stories in playful and imaginative ways by the Baroque form. 


Blick makes allegorical artworks that distort and rewrite history. Through the lens of contemporary society, the artist draws connections between the present and the past, creating new narratives that reconsider the myths and histories that we have often taken for granted. Her current practice re-imagines the classical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, questioning what would have happened if Eve had not eaten the apple, and this had instead been done by the dinosaurs. Through this new myth, she imagines a novel evolution for humankind, devoid of the status of apex predator.